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Release Notes


  • SLH-6936 General: Show score with two decimal digits
  • SLH-7513 Course planner: Improve welcome mail triggering
  • SLH-7557 Supervisor: New sub-item "Team appointments"
  • SLH-7559 Appointments Widget: Make default tab configurable
  • SLH-7577 Team Widget: Team widget setting
  • SLH-7592 Team Widget: Configuration option for which subpage from the team module should be displayed
  • SLH-7573 Event Manager: Make links in comments clickable
  • SLH-7495 General:  Timebox A11Y Improvements for Professional - Focus: Critical
  • SLH-7629 General: Use TipTap for editor field type
  • SLH-7607 Mail templates: Text disappears in edit mode